Our Vision

To be a national professional financial advisory business which focuses mainly on the needs of professionally qualified people.

Our Mission

To manage funds on behalf of our clients with various risk profiles, within at least the three main asset classes, nl. Equities, Alternative Assets and Offshore Assets, actively with a macro top-down approach with specific reference to share market crashes (see Investment Approach par 9 for more info on our contrarian approach).

Kanaan Asset Managers is an approved category I independent financial advisor as well as a DIM (Discretionary Investment Manager), Cat II (for unit trusts) and IIA (for Hedge Funds)
Professional Financial Advice

Core Values
History and Performance Record


Al-Baghdadi kill: How the daring military operation went down
www.foxnews.com - 2019-10-27
Trump said U.S. forces breached the walls of the compound since the doors and other entryways were booby-trapped with explosives.

The American Deep State Would Sooner Sacrifice The Republic Than Lose Again To Donald Trump
www.zerohedge.com - 2019-10-21
Ukrainegate is a desperate attempt to focus attention on a harmless phone call between two state leaders so as to bury the news of corruption at the highest levels of the Obama administration

"I Stand Against Everything She Represents" - Gabbard Hammers Tired, Sick, Fragile Hillary
www.zerohedge.com - 2019-10-21
She’s the epitome of everything wrong with America and, in fact, the world and Tulsi Gabbard just stood up and laughed at her for still thinking she was the Emperor when in reality she’s The Joker.

California Is (Again) Teetering On The Edge Of Financial Ruin
www.zerohedge.com - 2019-10-21
if California doesn't do something soon, the state could become (further) living proof that creating a liberal utopia by hiking taxes and adding regulation is nothing more than a pipe dream, if not a full blown recipe ...

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