+/- 20% average per annum nett of fees in USD over a difficult period of 4 years, with the uncertainties during the American elections, Covid19, and the Ukraine War that started during February 2022, with an amazing low annualized down STD (Standard Deviation) of less than 4% per annum, for investors willing to invest a minimum of $15 000 USD via our administrator IAL (International Assurance Ltd) in Mauritius, with a notice period for partial or total withdrawals of 1 calendar month, see Moriah Global under funds.

Our Mission

Kanaan Asset Managers have been managing shares, funds, fund of funds and wrap funds, in South Africa, as well as in USD and GBP offshore, as DFAs (Discretionary Financial Advisor) in terms of our Cat II (for unit trusts) and IIA (for Hedge Funds), since 1995. Asset manager FSP license number: 528.

Our funds are available to IFAs and DFAs who are in search of a managing edge, making use of funds with a far above average rate of return, of which you can see the performance records under funds, and for more details go to professional financial advice par 7 and 8 below.

We are also acting as Cat I IFAs for members of the public that want to make use of our services. We are exposing them, according to their risk profiles in terms of their circumstances proportionally, to three asset classes, (for South Africans via our three wrap funds) namely 1 Stable SA, 2 Equities SA, and 3 Global SA, and for our offshore clients and bigger South African clients with voluntary contribution funds, offshore via Mauritius in our: 1 Stable Offshore, 2 Equity Offshore, 3 Moriah Global, and 4 Currency Offshore. (see Investment Approach par 9 for more info on our contrarian approach).

Professional Financial Advice


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