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Good News for January 2018

Moriah Global FoF – Good News for January 2018


We have just received information from Hadiar Jupiter, one of the underlying funds of Moriah Global FoF that they have grown 12.45% in USD for January! We have a very big exposure to the Hadiar fund, namely 18.45% and where we expect the other funds also to do well for 2018, we may have a fantastic January for Moriah Global FoF. We will let you know as soon as we get the results from the other funds. With the extraordinary growth of the Rand since the election of Ramaphoza with more than 10%, it now gives an excellent opportunity to South African investors with available Rands to invest, especially if they agree with the economist, Paul Hansen of Standard bank who says that the recent strength is an overreaction and that the Rand will most likely depreciate again to 15 ZAR/USD before then end of 2018.


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