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25 Aug 2018

Dear Client


I mentioned in my previous newsletter, that though a comeback of our Hedge FoF, from the -4.76% for the year of 2017, is miserably slow, with positives for the past two and a half months up to the second week of August, improving the mentioned -4.76% to minus -1.82%. Four of our underlying Fund of Funds have been mentioned in the Business Day, as the 4 top hedge funds in South Africa and the superiority of these funds are now confirmed by the fact that the JSE All Share Index is YTD (Year to Date) still at -3.48%!


Kanaan Balanced FoF has now moved into positive territory with its YTD at 0.48%. The 2.84% growth, just for the first two weeks of August has helped a lot!


Those of you who have a good exposure to our Moriah Global FoF, registered in Mauritius, have reason to be thankful, as this funds YTD in USD is now at 7.01% and in ZAR 26.91% ! The extraordinary 11.38% for the first two weeks of August, has mainly been caused by Rand depreciation, which is indicative of the socio-political situation in South Africa.


The 0.58% in USD and the 11.38% in ZAR for the first two weeks of August is only an estimate, as two of the six underlying funds only price once a month, but the indications for a good month are good.


Friendly greetings,


Andre Delport

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