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Aug 2018

Good News


Kanaan Hedge FoF


The estimate growth for your investment in Kanaan Hedge FoF for August is 2.06%, which shows the growth is becoming progressively more each month, with June at 0.16%, July 0.56% and now August 2.06%. The YTD shows a small positive of 0.02%.


This fund is making a comeback from a very low point. We cannot guarantee what will happen within the next 12 months, but these are good indications for the future.


Kanaan Balanced FoF


Our Balanced fund has grown 5.63% (nett of all fees) for the month of August and 0.42% for the first week of September, which gives a YTD growth of 3.38%.


Moriah Global


As predicted, Moriah Global had another good month, with 3.79% for August in USD (nett of all fees), with a year to date growth of 10.4%.


The ZAR growth during August was 15.17%, because of the huge depreciation of the Rand during the month of August, bringing the year to date growth in ZAR to 31.2% (nett of all fees)!


Friendly greetings


Andre Delport

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