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Sep 2020

Dear Client

Please take note that our administrator Maria has decided to pursue her B. Com studies fulltime and will no longer be available as one of our administrators.  You can direct your queries to or you can contact myself, Johannes, Gert or Andries directly at 031 5612208.

The audited growth of our Moriah Global FoF, for the month of July was eventually substantially better than our initial estimate namely, 12.56% in USD net of fees and 10.74% in ZAR net of fees.  Our estimate for the Month of August is not as spectacular but still a very good 3.17% in USD and 2.56% in ZAR.  The Rand growth has been a little bit less because the Rand has been strengthening over the past two months relative to the USD. 

Friendly greetings

Andre Delport

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