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Fund of Funds

December News
Fund of Funds

We are thankful to say that both our Kanaan Bci Flexi & Balanced Fof for voluntary and compulsory funds have been doing very well over the past 12 months with 15.27% and 13.97% respectively, in comparison to the 7.1% of the JSE over the same period, according to Bloomberg.

The next 10 years will be more unpredictable and returns will be lower than the last 10 year, according to economists and asset managers at Two Presentation this week - one by financial services company NMI and the other by Coronation Fund managers. Karl Lienberger, the Chief Investment Officer of Coronation says, "It is even more crucial in a low return and uncertain economic environment that people who depend on their investments for income make judicial decisions on how much they draw down; "If they withdraw too much, they would deplete their capital" he says.

Kanaan Flexi and Balanced Wrap, the predecessor funds have also been outperforming the JSE over the long term, over 20 years since February 2005, with a CAR (Cummalative Annualised Return) of 13.64% and 14.82% respectively. We trust that we will be able to continue beating the JSE for the next 20 years.

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