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May 2017

Dear client 

1.      There is a renewed optimism for the Global Hedge Fund industry in 2017, with a considerable improvement in sentiment despite a particular tough 18 months, according to a report from Barclays Capital Prime Services team.


2.      “The big picture is definitely more positive than in 2016,” noted Elise Rosenburg, a director of capital introduction at Barclays based in New York, on a recent trip to Johannes burg.


3.      Our South African Kanaan Hedge Fund of Funds is picking up pace, with NXN Capital already at 7.1% (ytd), Larium Aggressive at 7.3% (ytd), Fair Tree Wild Fig Multi-Strategy Fund at 7.05% (ytd) and 36One Long Short Fund, at 3.69% (ytd).


4.      Our Offshore Moriah Global Hedge Fund of funds is coming back a little bit slower, with Polar Star still at -8.7% (ytd) (luckily it comprises of only 5.2% of the total portfolio), Berkshire at 1.37% (ytd), Haidar Jupiter at 1.54% (ytd), but Global Sigma at 4.17% (ytd), River North at 3.01% (ytd) and Fort LP at 3.72% (ytd) year to date.


5.      Paul Hanson of Stanlib says: “So long as global growth remains solid and company earnings are trending upwards investors should remain cyclically overweight in global equities …. For the next year. Dollar Bull Market is about to resume in full force.”


Friendly greetings


Andre Delport

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