THE KANAAN ASSET MANAGERS FINANCIAL ADVISORS / DIMS (Download our Disclosure Letter Eng / Disclosure Letter Afr)

Andre Delport, B.IURIS (UP) (With Endorsement)
Chairman (Head Fund Manager)

Andre holds a B.Iuris degree (with endorsement) from the University of Pretoria, and is a registered DIM (Discretionary Investment Manager) with FSCA, with a Category IIA license. Andre has done extensive courses in fundamental and statistical fund analysis. He has also completed various courses in fund management.

He has been managing investments successfully for many years, via Kanaan Asset Managers, since August 1995 when he received his fund management license. He has also been the head manager of Moriah Global FoF since January 2012, managed via the administrator International Assurance Ltd from Mauritius.

The graphic analyses of these funds clearly show the successful application of Andre's investment management skills over the years and that the Balanced Wrap Fund and Moriah funds have mostly been outperforming the JSE since inception.

He is known for his successful macro top-down methodology as opposed to the more popular bottom-up style. The fact that Andre wisely switched his funds under management to the money market just weeks just before the 1998 crash and again just before the IT Bubble crash of 2000, is proof of his successful management style. However, he switched out a little bit too late during 2008, because of which his Flexible Fund had a draw down for the year of -16% and his Balanced Fund –9% which emphasises the importance of diversification to his Kanaan Hedge Fund of Funds which he started to manage during 2005 as a well-managed hedge fund of fund in the alternative class, usually ranked amongst the top hedge fund of funds in South Africa, and which grew with almost 6% during the 2008 credit crunch crash when the JSE dropped with more than 40%.

As a majority of clients invested in Kanaan Hedge FoF have indicated during 2019 they would rather invest in the Moriah Global Hedge FoF via the administrator IAL in Mauritius where the fund manager is not limited to a handful of offshore funds registered in South African, it was decided to transfer the Kanaan Hedge FoF from South Africa to Mauritius during Feb 2020.

Gert Delport, B.COM (FIN.)
Fund Manager (and CEO)

Gert Delport worked as a Portfolio Administrator for Kanaan Trust Investment Managers from 1999 until 2002. Working with a successful DIM stimulated his interest in fund management, and during 2002 he enrolled for the Bachelor of Commerce Financial Management degree.

He was appointed by Xhilarator Investment Managers as a Junior Analyst during 2004, and completed his B.Com Financial Management Degree in June 2005. He was subsequently promoted to an Investment Analyst and Assistant Financial Manager. During his time with Xhilarator (Pty) Ltd, Gert was instrumental in the development of various products, including the successful Kanaan Hedge Fund of Funds. His involvement and research into the alternative investment space intrigued him and lead him to enroll for CFA. He has completed the first year of studies of CFA.

In 2011 he was appointed by Kanaan Trust, as Assistant DIM (Discretionary Investment Manager), Investment Analyst and Financial Manager. He was appointed CEO during 2018.

Andries Van Tonder, B.Sc Engineering (Chem), CFP (application after completion of PGDFP at the UFS, 2017)

Andries van Tonder was appointed as Analyst, Programmer and Compliance Officer at Kanaan Asset Managers. Andries holds a B.Sc Engineering (Chem) Degree, and has successfully completed his CFP examinations (Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning) in 2017 at the University of the Free State. Andries also teaches Economics, Maths and Science at Cedar College of Education and is currently studying towards his Actuarial Science degree. He is keenly interested in economic matters and as such has applied his mathematical mind accordingly in identifying new investment opportunities, analysing existing and new funds, identifying possible risks etc., and is continuously qualifying himself in the field. He also advises some clients of Kanaan Trust on the asset allocation of their investments and their capital requirements.

Andries also managed an Internet Service Provider (ISP) before he started to work for Kanaan. He also manages Kanaan’s database programming, fund optimisation and compliance needs.

Download our Disclosure Letter Eng / Disclosure Letter Afr