Please contact Kanaan at for the necessary application forms to invest in one of our Active or Passive Wrap Funds locally or to invest in our Offshore Funds.
Our Local Funds
We do have three wrap fund strategies in South Africa, with the one being very stable like a money market or a savings account, the one wrap fund consisting of the very best growth funds and the one wrap fund with the very best locally registered offshore funds and we invest the money of our clients proportionally in these funds according to their risk profiles and circumstances, but invest as far as possible their voluntary monies in our similar funds offshore. These funds are:
Stable SA: This wrap fund intends to compete with local savings accounts and money market accounts with similar low STD (volatility), but will usually give more than 7% per annum net of fees and intend to be a source of income or emergency fund.
Equity SA: This is according to us one of the best equity growth wrap funds in South Africa and intends to give clients according to their risk profiles and circumstances maximum ZAR growth over the medium to the long term.
Global SA: This wrap fund consists, according to us, of the best locally registered offshore funds and will even do better than equities offshore over the medium to long term because of the offshore exposure, where the Rand depreciated against the Dollar approximately 5% per annum over the last 40 years.
Our Offshore Funds
We usually encourage clients to invest most of their voluntary contribution monies offshore because of the better growth prospects over the medium the medium to the long term.
Stable Offshore: This fund, like Stable SA, intends to make income or cash available to clients, as the fund consist of hedge funds with a very low STD (volatility) of 2.68%, almost like that of a money market. We have only started the fund recently, but the underlying funds have exceptionally high CARs (cumulative annual return) of more than 13% and we project the growth rate for this fund in the months and years to come not below 10% per annum in USD.
Equities Offshore: The CAR of this fund since Jan 2019 is now exceptionally high, namely 28.5% net of fees and we expect the growth rate of this fund to be more than 18% per annum over the medium to long term, but the fund can go badly negative over the short term as the STD at the moment is 22.46% and is therefore not appropriate for capital that may be needed within a period of 3 to 5 years.
Moriah Global: This fund is also a growth fund but with a lower growth rate which we expect to be more than 13% per annum in the years to come, but also with a lower STD than that of Equities Offshore of approximately 8% per annum as the fund consist of underlying hedge funds of which most have lengthy track records which shows that they have not crashed during the previous global market crashes, and a bigger portion of retirees capital can therefore be invested in this fund than in Equities Offshore.
Trading Offshore: We have started Trading Offshore during 2021 and expect a higher growth than in the case of Moriah Global namely more than 15% per annum, but also with a higher STD of 9% per annum which should be much less than that of Equities Offshore and retirees will therefore be able to invest more in this fund than in Equities Offshore.